First Comes Love

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A woman who loves her child-free life falling for a divorced dad?

What could go wrong?

It’s no accident Andie Werking’s life looks a lot like her handmade goods boutique, fun, stylish and sassy. At thirty-eight, she knows herself and what she loves: expensive coffee, starting work around lunchtime, and late nights reading while snuggling with her spoiled Corgis. Building her business, cultivating strong friendships, making her adorable bungalow a home, and digging into a progressive church has taken passion and perseverance, and she’s got plenty of both.

However, her aversion to babies, children, and everything babies-and-children related has left Andie single for far longer than she ever anticipated. That all changes when funny, kind and stupidly handsome Dr. Joe walks into her life, bringing his custody agreement and three spirited children with him.

Now Andie, with her love of travel, takeout, and time alone, must decide–are compromising, and co-parenting worth finding the love of her life?